söndag 4 januari 2009

A new year - beginning a blog

2009. A new year. And so, time for me, too, to join the world of bloggers out there!

This blog will hopefully be about some of all the things I enjoy. That means you may find things on my two wonderful children (well, occasionally not so wonderful. There are times when they do drive me to the edge of insanity...), my loving husband, friends, literature, nature, walks, mushrooms, cats, food of mostly all kinds (which I enjoy a bit too much and should do something about...), knitting and much more. Last year I learned to spin on a drop spindle and became instantly addicted, so currently spinning, fiber talk and yarn may take up a lot of space here.

Among things I do not enjoy are such as paying bills, mending clothes, running, cell phones and a number of other things. I will try to keep from mentioning them out of my blog, but bear with me if they pop up occasionally!

I am Norwegian, but reside in Sweden, and have formerly spent a couple of years in Canada. With friends all over the world, this blog will be in Swedish, Norwegian or English, depending on the subject, mood and time. This upcoming term will be quite busy, so don’t count on finding new entries every day!

Just now I should go tidy some before my kids return from their sleepover with a friend, but first: Coffee. Coffee definitely belongs among life’s good things!!!

Have a good year in 2009!

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